Ph. D. Program

The Central Department of Botany is actively engaged in the Ph.D. research besides its regular teaching and research programs for the Master Degree in Botany and BEM. Ph.D. at the department covers a range of topics such as classical taxonomy through evolutionary developmental genetics, phylogenetics, floristics, vegetation ecology, microbial ecology, invasion ecology, agroforestry, ecophysiology, ethnobotany, ethnoecology, resource conservation, tissue culture, cytogenetics, mycology, phytochemistry, etc. A total of 43 Ph.D. awards have been conferred since Ph.D. program started in this department with specialization in ecology, plant systematics, pathology, cytology and genetics. Currently, 23 students are actively carrying their research. The Ph.D. awarded students have returned to lectureships or research positions in their own institutions and fresher’s have joined new jobs in different institutions. Ph.D. scholars have visited and conducted their research in world’s reputed research laboratories and herbaria overseas. Previously a Ph.D. research laboratory was established and funded by University Grant Commission (UGC), Nepal.

Application for Ph.D. enrollment will be announced by the Dean office, Institute of Science and Technology. The program is based on research and some coursework carried out under the supervision of departmental faculty members. If necessary, there can be co-supervisors from faculty/scientists from the same or other institutions in Nepal or abroad. The Central Department Research Committee (CDRC) looks after the activities related to Ph.D. program at the department