The M. Sc. students and researchers associated with the Department deposit one set of plant specimens in the herbarium. The Department also enriches with the collection of several specimens of non-vascular plants. Central  Department of Botany is a pioneer institute for teaching Botany since it was established in 1965. Based on the approach to develop a good environment in teaching and learning, central herbarium was established at the department. It is registered in Index Herbariorum as an acronym of TUCH (Tribhuvan University Central Herbarium) in January 2001. The herbarium, possessing over 22,000 pressed and dried plant specimens of vascular plants and few thousands pteridophytes.

Today, TUCH holds largest number of plant specimens after the National Herbarium (KATH) in Nepal. The collections of different students, teachers and expedition teams and experts from Nepal and foreign countries have been deposited in the herbarium. There are also specimens sent from different herbaria (LE, E, and BM) as gift to TUCH. Similarly, TUCH has sent several duplicate specimens to different herbaria as gift. Different equipments including GPS and field gears have been donated by expedition teams and experts in TUCH which can be used by students and researchers of the department. The main functions of TUCH include plant collection, identification and management.