Our Faculty Members

Dr Pramod Kumar Jha

Education : Ph. D

Designation : Professor Emeritus

University : Jodhpur University, India

Field of Study : Ecology and Environment

Email : pk.jha@cdbtu.edu.np

Dr P.K. Jha ( Professor Emeritus) has 42 years of teaching and research experience , and Academician of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).He was Head of the Department for ten years(2002-2007 and 2012-2016).His field of interests are ecology and environment, biodiversity, climate change, weed biology and management, etc. He has conducted eighteen research projects including projects funded by USAID-CDR, USAID-IPM IL ,USAID-PEER, NSF-USA, IFS-Sweden, Volkswagen Foundation_Germany,APN-Japan,EvK2CNR-italy, FAO-Nepal, IUCN-Nepal, WWF-Nepal, The Asia Foundation, MOST-Nepal, MOPE-Nepal, NCST-Nepal, UNEP- DHM - Nepal, etc. He has authored five books and authored fourteen books on Botany, environment, biodiversity, ecology, and authored 170 research papers, 80 semi-technical-popular articles. Dr Jha has visited universities, Botanical institutions, Botanical gardens, attended conferences in over two dozen countries . He has supervised seven Ph D at TU.He is recipient of several awards including National Plant Resource Award -2016, Gold Medal from International Society for Conservation of Nature-India,-2005, Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin bahu-1999, national education Award-1991, Young Scientist Award of Third World Academy of Science-Italy-1988. At present, he is leading a USAID-IPM-IL Project, and Co-PI and TU coordinator of JaibikMap USAID-PEER project.